Elite Coach Mentorship Student Success Stories


We don’t just say we will get results… we make it happen!

This article is here for anyone thinking about joining our Elite Coach Mentorship, we want to inspire and celebrate with you the Elite Coach Mentorship student success stories.

Jonny Williams – Elite Coach Mentorship Student

Jonny Williams had been working overseas for 17 years, he started a gym business back in 2017 but it had always been in the side-lines. Working with SCE Jonny completed both our Level 4 in S&C but then also has recently graduated Our Elite Coach Mentorship. The mentorship has provided him with the knowledge and the network to take his side-line business into the limelight as his full-time business. In his words:

“The ECM is hard to put into words, the networking and the experience have really ticked all the boxes and put me on the right path. Going through the masterclasses and business plan got me to stand back and look at myself and my business which has helped me leaps and bounds. I’ve got clarity at last!”

Busy but not productive. The story of most personal trainers in this day and age! Now with clarity, Martin Garnett shares how he has rediscovered his drive and what his passion actually is.

“ I wanted to go to the next level and give my clients better quality. I thought about where I was out, where I wanted to go and then how I was going to get there & that bought me to the 5-day challenge and then the ECM mentorship programme. The network and like-minded people really drew me in, running my own gym you can often be secluded. This has made me think differently and given me guidance & leadership.”

Angela Burton – Elite Coach Mentorship Student

Angela Burton is another fantastic student and truly is excited about the ECM. As a PT who has been in the industry for 8 years, she really understands the need for self-development and understanding the why behind things. From practical implementation to being methodical in her training, she is now delivering even greater results with her clients and loving it!

Thanks to the ECM and the network, Kyle Videl was able to smash through challenges and gain back some control by doing the things he loves.

Why join the ECM when you are already flying with a busy and successful business? That’s exactly where Freddie Grice. The decision to join the ECM has left Freddie with a whole host of opportunities!

These are just some of our amazing ECM graduates stories, but all our students have benefitted greatly from the programme and we can’t wait to work with more of you in the future!

If you’d like to find out more hit the button below to sign up or register your interest to speak with a member of our sales team below: 

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