The Ultimate 5 Foods to Enhance your Performance

Eating a nutritious, varied diet is fundamental for athletes to enhance performance and provide you with the energy needed to excel.

We have gathered information from some of the TOP sports nutritionists for you to explore which foods can strengthen your diet and drive you towards better fitness and sports results.

Matt Lovell: Liver


Matt Lovell of Man City FC, recommends liver as a sports nutrition super food.

Essential to your performance, liver is high in iron and vitamins A, D and B.

Top tip: Eating the liver of a small animal is beneficial as it has less time to accumulate toxins

If you struggle with the concept of liver you can use supplements such as desiccated liver tablets.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, try out this recipe



                    Mike Roussell: Beetroot


Nutritional consultant Mike Roussell advises eating beetroot to enhance performance.

Beetroots are proclaimed to reduce the amount of oxygen needed to complete a cardio session. They also contain nitrates, a compound that makes blood vessels dilate, this allows more blood and oxygen to flow to your working muscles.

Top tip: Eat beets 30 minutes before working out to lift energy levels.

If you fancy a free energy boost try this beetroot and apple salad





Martin Macdonald: Chicken Kebabs


Eating low calorie meals regularly is regarded as being powerful for muscle gain.

Martin MacDonald has produced various recipes on his website ‘Mac- nutrition’ where it is stated that “Being in a small calorie surplus during phases of muscle building tends to help the whole process”.

Top tip: Not only is chicken kebab a good source for muscle building, but it is low in carbohydrate to help manage weight. Try this delicious recipe and many more


Mark Bailey: Fibrous vegetables


If you are involved in a sport where it is essential to continually manage your weight then fibrous vegetables are key!

Mark Bailey of Arsenal FC, believes the tactic to achieving weight loss is to reduce the consumption of energy dense carbohydrates and increase your consumption of fibrous vegetables.

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, courgettes and celery can also help you feel fuller for longer.

Top tip: Fibrous vegetables will do more good than any multivitamin tablet in the world. Fibrous vegetables are not only high in vitamins but also minerals.

Cook yourself slim with a delicious sesame asparagus dish


Graeme Close: Vitamin D

It is understood that few foods contain vitamin D.

Graeme Close of England Rugby Union, has researched and posted various information regarding Vitamin D and its uses in sport.

To name a few, Vitamin D is recognised as being advantageous for Bone health, cardiovascular function, immunity and muscle function.

One of the few foods that contains vitamin D is Tofu.

Top tip: Soya is high in protein which is an ideal substitute for vegetarians or those looking to eat less meat.

If you are a vitamin D seeker this recipe is perfect for you.


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