Attention all Strength and Conditioning coaches. Imagine having access to some of the world's best coaches, on demand, from the comfort of your own home.

The doors to our MSP Coaching Network open very soon.

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Become an authority on all things Movement, Strength and Power

The BRAND NEW Strength and Conditioning Education Academy brings you world class learning resources from leading coaches and practitioners in an exclusive membership programme giving you complete control over your development and fast tracking your success.

A word from Strength and Conditioning Education Founder Brendan Chaplin:

I am super excited to bring you this brand new learning platform and access to our ENTIRE library of world class strength and conditioning educational videos and resources. As well as all our upcoming products and resources. Whether you're literally just starting on your coaching journey, or you are working with the very best athletes in the world the education academy has everything to suit your needs. You might be aware of us already as a company, but over the last few years Strength and Conditioning Education has really become the leader in providing educational resources and and development opportunities to improve coaching and applied knowledge in strength, conditioning and performance training for sport and health.

It's what we do best and what we stand for.

In fact, our company slogan pretty much says it all.

We are about "Accelerating your Development and Inspiring your Success". 

Our Education Academy is perhaps the most exciting product we've brought to you yet.

The great thing for you is that the simplicity of the site means that you have complete control over your learning and with the quality of coaches and experts we have in the site you'll be learning from the world's best from the comfort of your front room!

You can choose exactly what you watch and when. There's no set script for you to follow. Just pick the videos you need and then watch them INSTANTLY.

That's why I'm so excited to share this with you.

Have a read through and I'll see you very soon 🙂

Learn from the Worlds Best

Our coaches are the very best on the Planet and the resources are professionally filmed and recorded meaning an enhanced learning experience for you.

Here are just a few examples of the accomplished coaches who feature on our site!


Everything’s covered

Imagine having access to exceptional, cutting edge videos on literally all areas of performance training instantly.

Seminars that lasted 2 days that you could access and watch through from your living room at home.

All professionally filmed and edited so you get great quality sound and information that's ridiculously easy to access from wherever you are in the world.

Sounds amazing right?

Well it's HERE and ready to go RIGHT NOW!!

We’ve got products on everything from Olympic weightlifting to bodyweight training.

Mobility to plyometrics.

Speed and Movement to Injury Prevention.

Our catalogue is the most extensive collection of performance enhancement resources available.

You can see for yourself when you check out the site!

But also you'll be able to try EVERYTHING for just £1...this will make sure you're totally happy with everything first.

It's our goal to bring you the most up to date, cutting edge educational resources. We think we've achieved it with the brand new academy, but we want you to agree with us which is why we are offering an amazing introductory offer for you making it totally risk free.



Grab yourself £411 worth of resources FOR JUST £1

Yes, it’s true, you’ll have instant access to over £400 worth of resources from international experts like Dan Baker (President of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association), Vern Gambetta (The godfather of functional training), Kelvin Giles, Duncan French, Andy Franklin Miller, and many more. Once you’re registered you can literally start watching OVER 20 HOURS of content TODAY. Why would we give this away to you? Because ultimately we want you to love the site and stay with us for years to come. The offer is amazing value and you'll LOVE the videos. And if for any reason you don't you can just let us know and we will refund your £1 straight away! It really is a no-brainer to jump in and get that content.

Here's what people had to say about the educational resources in the site

Getting the chance to learn from Duncan French in his Current Trends in Strength and Power training workshop was an opportunity I could not pass up, and it did not disappoint. The workshop had a perfect blend of both theory and practical work, enabling us to see and experience topics discussed in theory sessions in a practical setting. It also covered the full spectrum of movement training, from warm ups to a variety of drills for various performance outcomes to cool downs. This workshop has become a very useful tool for me within my own coaching; I often refer back to my notes from this workshop when planning my movement sessions with my cricket lads. I look forward to hopefully seeing more workshops from Duncan in the future as I will definitely be there.

Pete Sims
Pete Sims Newcastle Falcons

Fantastic 2 days on the Vern Gambetta Workshop, with one of the greats in coaching. Enjoyable to listen and question someone who is guided by science, real life scenarios and experience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop that reaffirmed the point that coaching an athlete will always deliver more than simply writing a  ” great programme” programme. Charisma and personality will always outweigh academia!

Joel Brannigan
Joel Brannigan Head of S&C, Northumbria University

The content is genuinely amazing...

Firstly straight away after you've joined us you'll get access to £411 worth of videos and resources for just £1. That’s guaranteed.

Because we want to have a flexible learning environment in the site we've managed to develop an innovative credits system that means you have complete control over your learning and development.

Each month your account will be automatically be topped up with 50 credits. You can then spend these credits on ANY of the resources in the site whenever you want giving you full control over your personal and career development.

For your £27 monthly price you’re getting £50 worth of credits to spend on all our videos. These credits will allow you to get hold of new videos EVERY MONTH meaning you can get to that next level of expertise rapidly and keep learning on an on going basis.

You can also increase your credits every month by entering our competitions or by purchasing extra credits at any time. So if you want to view that 'must watch' seminar you absolutely can do that whenever you want to.

We've also got tons of world class educational videos lined already ready to share with you over the next 12-18 months and LOADS more in the pipeline too. You won't be lacking in information and its all current, super relevant and instantly applicable. This site is about bringing you what's working NOW so that you can implement it TOMORROW.

The main thing to remember is that YOU HAVE CONTROL.

And this will always be the case.

Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Community

When you join us you'll be a part of something really special.

The site is a members only community for a reason. We want great people just like you to enjoy learning and developing.

When you sign up you'll instantly be a part of our coaching community meaning you will have direct access to hundreds of people from across the world all looking to improve themselves.

A key part of the development process is discussion. When you join the education academy you’ll also get access to a private, exclusive members only facebook group where you can network with other members, talk sets and reps, career development, job opportunities and much more.

You’ll find that this aspect of your membership is really priceless for your development. There are also many elite coaches within this network for you to chat to directly.

A massive added value bonus I’m sure you’ll agree.

This is all about accelerating your development and inspiring your success.


You'll also get LOADS of discounts and offers to all our live events, conferences, mentorship programmes and MORE ( Including the Dan Baker power training tour)

You might already know this but Strength and Conditioning Education run events on a regular basis.

Our line-up of coaches is truly world class. In 2015 alone we have fantastic workshops lined up on functional anatomy, high performance coaching with David Joyce, Advanced Power Training with Dan Baker and many more.

By joining the site you'll save OVER £1000 alone in discounts for our workshops and courses in the next 12 months.

That's over 3 times the price of the your membership for the entire year!

This is all because we want to build the world's best educational community and really make it truly special for you to be a part of.

Our 100% RISK FREE guarantee

30 Day Guarantee

All our products are truly World class and will accelerate your development hugely. But of course if you feel that this is not the case in any way we will refund the costs to you instantly. Just let us know in the first 30 days of your membership and you’ll get a full refund no questions asked. That means it’s totally risk free to you an you can watch anything in the assurance that if it doesn’t help you or meet your expectations you can get your money back straight away! Pretty cool eh!